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A podcast about community and for the community of Baton Rouge-- that's Red Stick Strong. Hurricane Ida hit on August 29, but her impact is being felt weeks later. Listen to the Red Stick Strong podcast series about Hurricane Ida and learn about this severe weather event from a variety of perspectives. Hear about the science of the storm; trucking; churches; business leaders; insurance; and more! 

Red Stick Strong is hosted by Baton Rouge podcast producer  Catherine O'Brien and produced by Branch Out Programs. Follow Red Stick Strong on Instagram! Know a BR business we should feature? Hit us up! Let's geaux BR! #redstickstrong

Nov 2, 2021

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You can’t talk about natural disasters like Hurricane Ida without the conversation eventually getting around to the topic of insurance. With over 90 storms under his belt, Marvin LeBlanc knows a thing or two about what South Louisianans need to know about insurance and disasters. This episode is revealing—you’re going to hear emergency prep tips you haven’t heard before (but make so much sense when Marvin shares them!) If you’ve ever thought, “why am I spending my money on insurance?” this episode is for you.

Marvelous Marvin is also an author, speaker, and trainer.


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Red Stick Strong is a podcast on Hurricane Ida and the Baton Rouge community.  Hosted by Catherine O'Brien and produced by Branch Out Programs. Follow Red Stick Strong on Instagram. Do you know a Hurricane Ida story that needs to be told? Tell Catherine