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Businesses in the Red Stick are getting creative to cope with the COVID-19 crisis. The Red Stick Strong podcast highlights Baton Rouge business to share what owners and other leaders are doing now, and how you can help. You'll hear business owners describe how they are continuing to serve their customers despite the pandemic, as well as some of their outlook for the Baton Rouge, Louisiana community. 

Red Stick Strong is hosted by Baton Rouge podcast producer  Catherine O'Brien and produced by Branch Out Programs. Follow Red Stick Strong on Instagram! Know a BR business we should feature? Hit us up! Let's geaux BR! #RSSPodcast

Jun 4, 2020

[Please note: This interview was recorded Saturday, May 30, 2020.] Mental health has been one of the ongoing conversations during the pandemic—this is actually a positive development in terms of awareness and people openly discussing issues like depression, anxiety, self-harm, and other related topics. Chelsea...